About Us

American Federation of Responsible Process Servers. (AFORPS)

This was born to bring reliable and responsible process servers to the market place. Where skills and ability determine the outcome instead of cost and gate-keeping. This is not an association to be burdened with the politics of serving process. Instead it is about the good works of process servers taking control of their own image through a quality work product with an advertised set of personal standards. A contract so to speak between the clients and the server. There may be variation of what each server offers but there will be no guessing games what that is. Their terms will be described on each servers listing. In addition the server is not paying 50.00 a month to a for profit service provider or a few hundred dollars a year to a lobbying association that may even work against the process server self directed compliance with the simple non ambiguous perjury and fraud statutes in the law of serving process in all 50 states.

This was born because many in leadership positions of various “professional process serving” bodies are failing in leadership.  It was not thought  about lightly. It was deeply studied and found that the problems in the industry is decades old and should rest firmly in the hands of those who we will now leave behind.

This is a work in progress and the goal is to create a set of standards that those listing their services here can choose from and publish to you. In that you can decide who fits your professional needs. It is heavily market based. Meaning there is no cliques or groups to affect prices or standards of service. In other words, professionals striving to succeed often rise to the top by implementing practices of honor and responsibility that gets them noticed.

As always the best action is to speak with the person who serves your process and get an idea of who they are and how they practice their trade. As we strive to make this an American experience of free trade we look at ways to address any deviations that occur and soon we will announce a ground breaking program that shows we can lawfully regulate ourselves.

Please let us know if you have any trouble registering call us at 239.300.7007.

Please remember this is a directory. It is not an association. It is simply a crowd source to bring good process serving relationships together. Deal direct with the same front line process servers that have served your process for years under some big corporate name. These are the ones whose names have been on your returns! How much better relationship of accountability can there be then direct service for direct pay? Please pass the word to your good servers today and witness the growth of the direct to client process server model.