This is in beta form. Currently the federal rules of civil procedure are in the works for testing. AFORPS will never charge for the knowledge based test or the ancillary education. AFORPS believe responsible process servers that expect success will self study the laws of the business and not be forced to pay providers for any of the skill set necessary for success. Clients should be able to identify those process servers who exemplify the necessary traits and this free knowledge base test is for the clients confidence. In addition the legal community can themselves take the test to get a feel for what the certification means. I hope you crowd source this project and let your process servers do the work of serving your process efficiently effectively without undue burdens of extracurricular government licensing and non profit trade association revenue growth.

Please your patience is appreciated. This website and its opportunities are free so therefore we are not well staffed or even well funded so we may come out in sections. But we will change an industry save some process servers money from undue influences in the trade and provide clients a source of accountability. Let us grow together toward a solution!

Check out where we are with the Federal test here. If you have the time to formulate questions and answers for the federal test and any state test your help would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to cover any costs of time or talent for this site you can use paypal link here for that too!

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